Thursday, August 6, 2009


Both my daughter, Jeane, and I have been chosen to be published in magazines before, and we will be published in an upcoming magazine together along with another group of artists for a collaborative book we did, but today we both received word that we will be published in the next Sew Somerset, each on our own merits for our own individual projects. My work is currently on the cover, and I am so excited to have been chosen to be in the magazine again. We have to get our feature articles written and in in just a few short weeks.
Sure, I am happy that my work will be in there, but I'm even happier for Jeane. We went to Art Unraveled today together, met up, went to our favorite breakfast spot, took the first part of class, met for lunch with friends, finished class and rode home together. It is amazing fun when you and your own kid enjoy doing the same thing TOGETHER. We both then checked out email, and just as I picked up my cell phone to call her, she was calling me on my land line so we could tell each other about our emails from the editor. How funny. There is a certain joy a mom knows when her child does something well. It makes you know you had a hand in helping your child add beauty to the world, whatever that thing done well might be. But most importantly, you know your kid is in a happy zone. If you follow Jeane's blog, you may have noticed that I sign all comments with XOheartP. That has been a secret code since she left for college that I never abandoned when she came home. Today the secret goes out. The P means, "I'm proud of you," and today I could not be any prouder!

I am hoping to find time this weekend to show some or all of my projects from my classes at AU. Stay tuned. So far, this has been the best year ever there.


  1. I'm extremely proud of both of you and extremely blessed to call you both friends!!! WTG J and J!

  2. That could not be a cuter story. Congrats to you as well. It was great to see you at AU, and to share lunch that day. Take care...

    Isn't Halloween coming soon???

  3. Wow, wow...double wow. To be published is awesome. I buy this magazine and will look forward to seeing your work there. What month will it be do you know? I am happy for you both for this and for your relationship being the special one it is.